Monday, October 1, 2007

California is good

Well, it has been a few days since my last blog, but things have been busy. I have come to realize a few thing since leaving Utah. First my family truly does love me, second, the green monster is a great car, and third, everything is going to be alright.
There are very few moments in life that you can actually get verification and reassurance about truths that you normally take for granted. One of those would be your family. Do they really love you? Do they really care when you are not there? I can actually say that this weekend I have come to hold these truths self-evident. Whether it is a father who is willing to fly in and drive to California with me, knowing full well that within 50 miles the car may not make it. He actually thought Payson would be the demise of our trip, but the green monster lives. Maybe it the fact that your sister and your brother in-law spent there spare time doing an extreme make-over to my soon to be room. It truly is amazing. It is also the cousins and brother that come over to welcome me home and how they are glad to have me back. Even though I haven't been around people for the last 9 months it was a little overwhelming, but amazingly comforting. To cap everything off, it is parents who have tried very hard to stay out of my way, yet me feeling like I am trying to stay out of there way. Throughout all the dancing around it is going to work.
The green monster made the trip. The mitsubishi Mirage that has 134,000 miles and has been very suspect at times made the 748 mile trip without a problem. It is almost supernatural. Not only did the great beast make it, it still gets on average 37 miles to the gallon. No need for a Prius, get the 1999 Mirage. Worth every penny.
After everthing has been said and done this weekend, I have to the realization that everything is going to be ok. At some point today and I don't know when, I had the immense feeling of comfort and a relaxing calmness that I haven't felt in some time. I believe that it was somewhere between Scott and I getting killed by the local volleyball players or the mile run along the beach, but I can feel a transformation. It is good. I look forward to a future where my family supports me and I feel like I can tackle the upcoming events.
To all who have helped, thought about, loved, or prayed for me, I appreciate it all and hope to be able to return the favor for each of you in the near future. - Steven

4 comments: said...

Welcome back to the land of Milk and Honey. We are glad to have you back as well. Good luck with everything.

S.Miles said...

I write this through tear stained eyes (sounds like a song title huh) and just want you to know that I (we) really do love you. We are so glad to have you home and look forward to many more dinners and welcome parties! We would not have tried to make everything so perfect if we didn't care. I have wanted you to move home for so long. Maybe it's because I have been where you are and I know the benefits of family support at a time like this. Enjoy every second of this time. Do all the "Scott-like" things you can on your day off. Pinkberry, beach, hike, etc... Thank you for being such a good Uncle to my son and daughter. Kody thinks you are his permanent playmate. Lucky you. And well, Lennix is still trying to figure out who the hell you are! She will get it eventually. I hope. Most importantly- thank you for letting me take your sandals. I know it was a hard thing to do- but it really was the first step in recovery. Like mom always says- You cant change what you dont acknowlege. Time to go shopping for a new California pair. You just name the day and time and we are so there! I love you.

redstarmama said...

Keep it up, Steven! Having been in a similar situation once myself, pre-Justin of course, I know that families give the best support. Life will start to feel normal again eventually! If you come up here to Aptos we will have a welcome dinner for you, too.

Steve and Janelle said...

That's the thing with our family...we are always here. We never go away even when you wish we would. Glad you moved back.