Wednesday, October 3, 2007

not much here

Today was a good day. Really just went to work and then went off to do the exercising of death with Scott. Good day at work, hit the beach for ball for 2 hours and then finished work to hours later, went n hike with Scott and Casey. All in all, not bad. Soar though. Not really much to write about today.
I really think that it is impossible to keep up with Scott and Casey. They are just fast. I think they can walk a 7 minute mile. Seriously. They ran with the dogs up a pretty good hill for about 20 minutes. I was dying. The great thing about them is that they really don't see to care about how far back I get. They just keep plugging along. Which for me is great because I think they would literally have to crawl to stay with me. I hope they have fun because although it is challenging for me I really do enjoy the challenges. I am getting better, but slow and steady. Scott has to work tomorrow so I get a day off!!! I just had to wait till the actual work was starting and then I would get a break. Yeah for tomorrow!
Goodnight! - Steven

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