Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm exhausted

First day of work and it is incredible how many people in California actually workout in this state. I'm used to fat people just wishing they would work out, not really showing up and doing it. Long day, my boss who is probably the most unorganized person in the world thinks that I am a FNG and sends me to do the stupid stuff. So I just do it laughing the whole time. For example, He sent me to Kinko's to make copies of a map. So, I did, knowing full well that maps are copyrighted and Kinko's won't make copies of copyrighted work. So I waisted about 45 minutes with that. Baffled him. Then he wanted me to sit at the front desk and try and get referrals from people. For the most part, I hate this kind of cheap and to me not very efficient work, but I go along with it. Most of the guys spend about 2 hours up at the front just goofing off and they net around 5 - 6 referrals. So I go up there and do the same thing, just goof off. Then this lady comes in and I decide she is my girl, she seemed vulnerable. So with some dumb remarks and a little chiding she unloads 250 names from her cell phone. Now, this doesn't happen every day, but I don't have to do the stupid work anymore. Thank goodness.
I have also found out that I suck at running. Scott has me in his sights and really wants me to work out with him. So I am. He really is in amazing shape. I am not!!!!! Today he called and wanted to know when we can "get together". So we agree on a time. He and Casey were waiting on me. Ready to run. OK I really suck. about a mile in I am dead. They were nice and let me walk a little. They gave me the choice to do the 2.5 or 3.5 mile run. Of course, I chose the 3.5 mile run, you can't wimp out right. I suck. Walk-Ran 3.5 miles today. Fun. Now tomorrow, we are meeting for Starbucks and then I am working. Since I get a 2 hour lunch and Malibu is close we are playing ball tomorrow around noon. Now that I get off at 5 he wants to run the hills and canyons for fun. But we can go slow he says. As for today, I am exhausted. Only 11 and I can barely stay awake. can't wait for tomorrows adventures. I really am appreciative, but we'll see how long I can last. At this pace I will be shrunk to nothing in no time at all. We'll see. Good night!!! - Steven

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