Friday, September 28, 2007

Last full day

Well, for the most part this whole Utah thing is over. Not much else to do. Finish packing and put everything in the car, say goodbye to a few people and then pick up dad. Finally. Mom has called about 6 times today so I know that she is excited, Shannon called and told me that I better be appreciative of everything or I pretty much will die, and my friends pretty much have cut me off from any new information or gossip. Not bad for one day.
Went to lunch with a friend today and had a very good conversation. It seems that everyone has there own opinion on me or what I do. It is not really that bad to have so much input, but I find it funny that for some reason people feel the need or obligation to let me know what they think or tell me how I am wrong. I don't really mind but I feel it funny that they can just let loose without any thought of how I might take it. Oh well.
I am nervous to go home. I don't know why, but I am. Maybe it is because now I have to figure out most everything or maybe it is because there are no more reasons or options but to do what I want. Too much freedom to accomplish something. I figured out today that for the most part of my life, well, since I was 19, I have always had someone else to ask what they wanted or had to do what they wanted to do. It was never my decision alone to just say here is what I want and I go do it. This I have found is not an easy thing to overcome. I will actually sit and think, what do I want to do? Movie, Workout, play tennis?? Then just sit there like I am waiting on someone else to help me decide. DUMB! Goal # 1: Make decisions and do them. Easy enough right? We'll see.
Enough for today, I am tired, friends came over tonight and they just left. Good friends gone, good friends coming. I am excited to come home!!! One more day. This should be the beginning of things going right for me. Yeah!!! - Steven

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Anonymous said...

You play tennis? I never knew! Sad I never got to see you in Utah. I work out there occassionally. Good luck in CA. There's nobody better than family around when you are going through a rough time. You and your children are in my prayers.