Friday, December 14, 2007

after much anguish ....

So after much anguish, I am back blogging again. We shall see if it lasts. Funny thing happened yesterday, our club crazy guy was in full affect!!!! He spent 9 hours chanting, ranting, and bemoaning people. Most of the time he just told people that he didn't know why girls wouldn't talk to him and that they didn't because they wanted to "mind intimidate" him. His vocabulary is amazing for a crazy person and he spends way too much time at the club, but the whole mind intimidation kinda made sense in a serial killer/genius way. By the time he was done ranting I almost agreed with him and forgot all about the fact that he was insane in the membrane!!!! So am I crazy for it making sense? I don't think I was crazy, but he is way out there!!! He slapped himself in the face a few times and yelled a little at himself before we asked him to leave, but for the most part it made for an entertaining day. Also, some lady lost track of the treadmill and fell today! Hilarious!!! She shot herself into the back wall. Had to leave because I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, the things that happen at gyms.
Big props to Justin for hooking me up on the insurance so thank you publicly! Saw Carey Judd live tonight and I found him to be better in person than on his CD's. Much more entertaining. Anyways, good night to all! It's late and I work at 7 AM and play at 10. So good night. Until next time, which hopefully is tomorrow, but we'll see. _ Steven

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S.Miles said...

you're being summoned...if you don't know- you should.